I stayed in Baron's Court for six months before leaving due to work. Flexibility on the rental period gave me confidence moving into the house alone; in the end I felt sorry to leave.
The neighbourhood is peaceful and scenic with plenty of shops a short walk away. Tube links are well-positioned for going into or across town without fuss. Good large kitchen and no problems with hot water or internet during my stay. Tim quickly resolves issues that do arise.
I have lived in Tim's Top Flat in West Kensington for 18 months. The flat is in a nice area very close to the tube, shops and restaurants. Tim is a great landlord. He takes great care of his properties and ensures they are maintained to a high standard.
Tim is a great landlord! I would highly recommend him as a landlord. We stayed at his W5 house which is a great location as it is near a lot shops good bus services and the South Ealing Piccadilly line. He is very efficient and quick to respond to anything that comes up. Business aside, he's also a really nice guy.
I moved into Tim's South Ealing W5 house intended to stay for 6 months. I ended up staying there for 4 years and 2 months, splitting the time between Bed 5 and Bed 2. It always felt like being at home. I have been living with several people over the course of this time, really enjoying the house in its whole. We had a good time together. Tim's attentiveness about everything in the house is something you could rarely find in the London housing market. It‘s actually what makes it up for an excellent value. He’s probably not only the nicest landlord you will ever meet, but also one of the nicest guys around. In more than 4 years I never experienced a major disruption, not even when we had a building extension going on. This happens because he has checks on the electrical appliances, boiler and fire alarm every year, so you are aware that the likelihood of a major problem is close to zero. He also pops over at the house for minor checks every week, which is also another good trait of him and something rare elsewhere, guaranteeing a constant maintenance and solution of minor issues: be it the cleaner calling sick a week or mowing the lawn or a broken doorbell, rest assured he always takes care of it. The house is also really well connected, as you have buses going all around West London just a stone’s throw away. The Piccadilly tube station is at 5min walk distance. Going down Gunnersbury Park (the biggest park in W5) you also have direct trains to Waterloo, which take 20 mins to go to Central/South London. On the opposite side of the park, you have the Overground, which comes in handy to go around North/East London. There’s also plenty of amenities around the area, 2 supermarkets and at least 5 off-licenses at less than 5 mins walk, post office, ATMs, restaurants. Around the area, there are at least 5 gyms too. All in all, it’s a great place to live. Highly recommended!
I lived in Barons Court House W6 for only four months and I moved out only because I came back to Italy. I really had a good time in Tim's house, thanks to Tim and to my housemates. Tim is really an amazing landlord, kind and sensitive to all the need of his tenants.The house is a wonderful English building, well maintened, warm, not noisy and quite huge, with an excellent position between two underground stations. If I could, I'd move there again!
Absutely high raccomanded!
I lived in Tim's W5 South Ealing house for a year. I was pleased by his attentiveness, sincerity and respect towards his tenants and myself. He has a very kind personality. This was the first time I rented a room in my life and I had a great experience. The reason behind renting the room in this house was the conversation I had with Tim when I visited the place. It assured me that I contacted with a right landlord.

To be honest, finding a landlord trustworthy in London is a rare encounter and I was the lucky one in this respect. He did his best to accommodate my requests in timely manner and was always kind and understanding.

As a professional who seeks for a quite location, I was happy to find what I wished for. The house's location is very convenient - is close to South Ealing tube station (Piccadilly Line) and Heathrow airport. No. 65 and E3 bus stops are very close and give you opportunity to transport easily. In addition, Gunnersbury park is a stone's throw away from the house.

I highly recommend this tranquil nice house.

Me and my partner lived in the Hawthorne Gardens property in W5 for 17 months and we truly felt like home. It was one of the best and nicest place we lived so far in London and we were quite sad when we had
to move.

The house is in a quiet area close to South Ealing Piccadilly line and close to parks and shops. The area itself is lovely and Tim was a very responsive and kind landlord.
We strongly recommend the property to anyone who works in West London and likes a quiet and cosy home.
I lived in Tim's W6 house for 6 months and only left as I was relocating away from London. I strongly recommend Tim's properties to anyone looking to make a real home for themselves in the capital. The W6 house has so much character and a suntrap of a garden out the back. A huge kitchen and plenty of communal space as well - just a really lovely home.

And Tim really is a dream landlord! You'll rarely run into problems in his beautiful properties but, if you do, he's on the end of the phone whenever you need him. He puts a huge amount of care into the maintenance of the houses, as well as the well-being of his tenants - a rare gem in the world of landlords, especially in London!
We were a couple who had intended to stay at the Barons Court House for 6 months but ended up staying here for more than 3 years instead.
The house is spacious and very well maintained by Tim. The kitchen and common living areas are quite big with plenty of storage space available for everyone. The backyard is a plus too. So, we hardly ever ran into other house mates in the common areas.
The location of the house was almost perfect for us : A quiet residential street with green space on one side, two undergroud stations and the high street, all at 5 to 10 minutes walk away.
Tim is one of the best landlords we've had. We always found him to be quite responsive, respectful of others and very professional. We would highly recommend this house.
Lived in Baron's Court house share with my boyfriend. The house share is very nice with people from different countries. The house has a good geographical situation and is not noisy. Nice rear garden where you can do barbecues in summer. Tim is a great landlord: he is available, respectful, understanding and genuine. We are leaving as we going back to our country. We highly recommend the house.

Fantastic flat share in a great location. Handy access to both the Piccadilly & District Lines, and only a short walk from Hammersmith & Fulham Broadway. Other flatmates are all easy going, respectful and personable. Tim is a great landlord he's responsive to any issues, and always easy to contact. Highly recommend this flat, disappointed to be leaving.
Tim is by far the best landlord I’ve had in my lifetime. He is very responsive, takes cares of things at short notice and an excellent person to be around.

We intended to stay at his flat for a year and ended up staying approx 5 years, thanks to him. Although the house we lived is a shared property, the size of house accommodates all easily and you can still live ‘properly’ without bumping into others all the time. All the bills, cleaning, cleaning supplies & maintenance is included, which makes it a no-headache in comparison to other properties. Highly highly recommended.
Having lived in London for five years at the point of moving into the hawthorns garden property in South Ealing, I can safely say that this property was then nicest I have lived in by far. Excellent value and very friendly housemates coupled with a very attentive landlord in Tim, I would highly recommend this to anyone.
Tim is an excellent landlord. He takes great care of his properties and ensures they are maintained to a high standard. He is very responsive to any queries and quick to respond to any maintenance issues. I would highly recommend renting a room or flat from him.
Nice room in a great location. I stayed for 18 months and would stay again if my work took me back to London.
I've had a nice stay at the Hawthorn Gardens house. It is a clean and nice house in a quiet area really close to the tube station and not far from london city centre. Highly recommended!
Great flat in West Kensington, I stayed there for 18 months and it is a really good area. Tim the landlord is extremely professional, maintains the flat at a very high level of quality. Can only recommend!!!
Amazing experience ever in Bed 3 (5 perham road) West kensington, we've been there 1 year
our landlord Tim was amazing, we had a great time with the flatmates, the area is very quiet and very well connected with the underground.
I have stayed at St. Dunstans Road. Besides very clean, spacious and comfortable common areas, the other tenants were very friendly and the rooms were big enough. Tim was always available to solve any unexpected situations, which were very uncommon since he takes constant care of the place. And as an extra he is one of the nicest guys I've ever met!
Strongly recommend.
I have stayed in the flat for over 3 years and I have to say that Tim has been the best landlord I have had so far. He has replied to every issue promptly and is always contactable and willing to help. I will certainly recommend his properties. Tim is a brilliant landlord.
We have rented a double room for Tim for 3� years. I am a very demanding tenant and have to say I have no complaints. Tim is an excellent person and an amazing landlord. The properties are very well maintained and the location is really convenient. I will definitely recommend renting from Tim.
We have been renting a double room from Tim for 8 months now. He's a great landlord, and works very hard to maintain his properties to a high standard. He gets back to you promptly if you have any queries, and is good at keeping in touch to let you know about viewings, maintainence etc. We also really like the rent scheme he has in place, as the rooms get cheaper to rent the longer you stay.
Tim is a great! I would highly recommend him as a landlord. He is very efficient and quick to respond to anything that comes up. Business aside, he's also a really nice guy.
I have stay at two flats both at Perham Road West Kensington for the last four years. Tim is an amazing landlord, very responsible and take care of the property professionally. I have never had any problems there. I will highly recommend Tim as anyone will be lucky to have him as a landlord.
Stayed at S. Ealing for 3 years and never had any problems. The landlord gets a lot of credit for this, he takes care of everything. The place is clean, comfortable and always filled with great people.
Tim is a very friendly landlord who resolves problems promptly. The quality of accommodation offered is very high and at very reasonable prices. I whole heartily recommend renting from him.